Tarot BoostMaxx pools are the fastest and simplest way to earn boosted SOLID rewards on Solidly.

Deposit your Solidly vAMM/sAMM LP tokens in BoostMaxx pools to earn boosted SOLID rewards. BoostMaxx pools work with any Solidly gauge, so deposited LP tokens for any pair with an active gauge on Solidly will earn boosted rewards. With the boosting power of the veNFT in BoostMaxx, LP depositors do not need to lock SOLID themselves.

BoostMaxx pools can be found at:

How To Earn Boosted SOLID

Deposit LP into a Solidly pool (without staking in the Solidly gauge), and then stake your Solidly LP tokens in BoostMaxx pools to earn boosted SOLID rewards:

  1. Navigate to to add liquidity to the pool of your choice. You can filter the list for a specific token and click Manage, or click Add Liquidity to select the tokens and pool type (Stable or Variable) yourself.

  2. Click Advanced to reveal the Deposit LP button.

  3. Enter the amounts and click Deposit LP to add liquidity to Solidly.

You’ll receive pooled Solidly LP tokens which can be deposited in BoostMaxx pools to earn boosted SOLID rewards.

Reward Allocation

Deposited Solidly LP will receive up to the maximum 2.5x boost on SOLID emissions. From these SOLID rewards, after deducting a fee (currently 15%) on earned gauge rewards, LP depositors can earn up to 212.5% more SOLID through BoostMaxx pools, rather than going it alone.

These fees, along with bribes earned, are directed to Tarot’s protocol reserves, where the strategy for their use will be determined by protocol governance. Potential uses of these fees may include:

  • Locking SOLID for additional veNFT voting power

  • xTAROT distribution through the fee distribution interlink

  • xStaking pool for xTAROT stakers to earn SOLID

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