What is tinSPIRIT?

Tarot Wrapped inSPIRIT (tinSPIRIT) is a liquid-wrapped and tokenized version of inSPIRIT, designed to reward participants for locking SPIRIT within the Tarot ecosystem.

The tinSPIRIT token is received in exchange for swapping or locking SPIRIT, which is used by Tarot for its boosting power across all Spirit Boosted and Spirit V2 pools. As a liquid-wrapped version of inSPIRIT, tinSPIRIT can be swapped for SPIRIT on SpiritSwap and Beethoven X.

Locked SPIRIT has several benefits for the Tarot Protocol, including increased APRs across all Spirit Boosted pools (up to 2.5x boost) and SpiritSwap voting power for boosted farm emissions.

What is xtinSPIRIT?

Staked tinSPIRIT (xtinSPIRIT) automatically earns and compounds SPIRIT rewards. Behind the scenes, xtinSPIRIT works similarly to xTAROT, with no performance fees and a distribution interlink that delivers yield from two powerful sources, reflected as an increasing balance of claimable tinSPIRIT over time:

Spirit Boosted Rewards

The xtinSPIRIT token automatically earns 15% of all SPIRIT rewards earned in Spirit Boosted and Spirit V2 lending pools.

inSPIRIT Rewards

Each swap on SpiritSwap incurs a 0.05% protocol fee, which is used to periodically buy back and distribute SPIRIT tokens to inSPIRIT holders. The xtinSPIRIT token automatically earns 100% of its share of these rewards.

Rewards earned for staking tinSPIRIT also depend on the amount of staked tinSPIRIT relative to the amount of SPIRIT locked in the Tarot Protocol. For example, if 1 tinSPIRIT is staked for every 2 SPIRIT locked in the protocol, the ratio is 2:1 and xtinSPIRIT would earn twice the inSPIRIT rewards compared to an equivalent amount of locked SPIRIT.

For more information on Spirit Boosted pools and the tinSPIRIT token, see:

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