Supply Vaults

Tarot Supply Vaults are lending aggregators that use automated strategies to earn yield across multiple Tarot lending pools. With a single deposit in a Supply Vault, users can automatically earn yield across multiple lending pools. Supply Vaults use automated strategies to earn blended supply rates with increased liquidity.

Supply Vaults offer the following benefits:

  • Simplified single-token staking

  • Enhanced yield by supplying into multiple lending pools

  • Increased liquidity for withdrawals

  • Automated rebalancing

  • Yield-optimization strategies

  • Collateralization via a single, composable “tToken”

The following Supply Vaults are open for staking:

  • Tarot FTM Supply Vault (tFTM)

  • Tarot USDC Supply Vault (tUSDC)

  • Tarot BTC Supply Vault (tBTC)

  • Tarot ETH Supply Vault (tETH)

Fee Structure

Compared to other vaults, Supply Vaults offer a highly competitive fee structure:

  • 10% performance fee on earned yield

  • No management fee

  • No deposit fee

  • No withdrawal fee

  • No lockups

Performance fees across all Supply Vaults are allocated to protocol reserves as Tarot Supply Vault tokens (tTokens).

More information on Supply Vaults and tTokens can be found on Medium:

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