Tarot Supply Vault tokens (tTokens) represent a share of the total underlying tokens in a Supply Vault. Similar to the mechanics of interest-bearing tokens like Aave aTokens and Compound cTokens, tTokens continuously earn yield over time.

Each Supply Vault has its own tToken that corresponds to an underlying token. For example, you can stake FTM into the Tarot FTM Supply Vault to receive tFTM. Similarly, you can stake USDC into the Tarot USDC Supply Vault to receive tUSDC.

Since tTokens are like a receipt, you can later use them to unstake and receive your share of the underlying tokens in the Supply Vault. tTokens may be transferred, used as collateral, or even composed into other protocols.

Earned yield is always denominated in the same token that was staked, so tFTM earns yield in FTM, and tUSDC earns yield in USDC. tTokens earn yield through their exchange rate, so each share of a tToken represents an increasing balance of its underlying token as yield is earned.

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